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7 Upgrades to (my) Victory Online

Experience, Practice, and Own Your 7 Upgrades to Victory

Choose Ye This Day… Awakening to our inner and outer language patterns reveals what we are creating moment to moment. Conscious Choice denotes Conscious—aware—love filled—Divine Energy and perception is involved in and underpinning our choice when it is actually Conscious. Thriving is what we are wired for. Any time we settle for anything less than our highest choice we self-sabotage our life. Our only ease is finding and committing to our Dream Fulfilled. Conscious Choice is always available. Anything based on fear is less than Conscious and will include self-sabotage.

When we allow our own Inspiration through the activated 16+ senses to activate (turn the Lights On) our own dream from our Imagined Outcome, our reality is shifted. The more specific we are, the more instantaneous we are. Be alert the instant self-sabotage starts to appear and immediately adjust your position into your fulfilled heart’s desire, while demonstrating your highest known outcome in your life - consistently and continuously partnering with your Creator Consciously.

Re-Scripting our Reality requires will, action, word, and specificity. Outcome Mapping integrates our Creative Self with our Action Self in designing and engaging our new reality. By Seeing our Map, our Greater Consciousness has information and specifics to out-picture our designed dream into reality.

Victory Goals / Outcome Achievement Tele-Class

When you look back over the past years, did you accomplish everything you set out to do? I know for me and most of the people I talk with, there are important things to change. The next question is how do you go about making that change?

For the past few decades, Bob has offered a class to help people set and attain new goals/outcomes for the coming year. The big distinction that sets this course in a category of its own is applying the tools of Mastery Systems to the concept of setting and attaining goals/outcomes.

It's great to identify what you desire to achieve this coming year, and imagine adding outcome facilitation and seeing the end from the beginning. AND What happens when you shift from wanting to already having... Magic.

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