Conscious Language

Role of LANGUAGE in SUCCESS by Robert Tennyson Stevens

Language shapes thought into matter when and if feeling vivifies and activates the words into manifestation. In other words, to have what we say turn into existent matter it must matter to us more than anything in opposition to our manifestation. In other words, to have your new choice exist in here and now requires…

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Looking for a starting point? This is it!

Weekly Special! $44 off of Conscious Language™ 101 Special Valid Through May 3 This is our core reality shifter developed by Robert Tennyson Stevens. By learning Conscious Language™, you will experience exactly how self-sabotaging words and phrases have been operating in your life and in your world and be given clear guidance on how to…

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Introduction To Conscious Languaging

We may be using an operating system, of  “want, need, can’t, should, have to, kinda, maybe, hopefully, someday, I’m excited to someday get conscious maybe, I’m working on it, and I’m really trying – absolutely!”  I call this the language of self-sabotage.   When we realize every single word we speak, think and feel starts happening right…

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