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Mastery Systems Certified Coaches bring proprietary skills and systems to those committed to upgrading their life experience.

Because we offer a new Conscious Human Operating System (chos) to you, having guidance and support in specifically designing your Life Upgrade by awakening your Inner Coach is, in the beginning, very helpful and many times essential. Every step of the way, being with someone using a common language and success strategy while upgrading health, relationships, career, family, business, and our Spiritual experience simplifies and quickens our transformation into our realized new state.

Mastery Systems is more like a university with various schools of study and application. Our Coaches many times will specialize in areas of expertise. To help you find your Coach, this section will introduce you to each Coach, with an indication of their level of training in a certain school as well as their area of greatest love.


Every coaching session is always directly for me as well. In our system of discovering what each limitation upgrades into for our client, I find I upgrade personally as well.

Coaching is partnering with the frequency of Miracles. To witness people shift and change so smoothly through such seeming big challenges keeps me personally expecting and living my own miraculous life everyday!

Helping others be victorious is an amplifier to my own well being and success. This form of Service to others is really Service to my own Heart and the things that are important to me (my family, career, community, and world). Awesome!

Curriculum Study Guide

What is Mastery Systems?

Mastery Systems is a human upgrade system fostering sequential shifts in awareness and consciousness.  By translating our spoken and inner language, our feelings/ known and hidden, our body signals and symptoms, and our life situations we can easily gain awareness of exactly what we are creating in every moment. Just like a I.T. expert can find what is causing the challenge to your computer, a Mastery Systems proficient Facilitator can guide reveal your encoded limitation operating on an other-than-conscious level and guide you to shift your thoughts, words, and feelings into our highest choices.


Mastery Systems is designed as a Conscious Human Operating System (Conscious= aware/love/highest choice) and is a requirement for anyone choosing to be a successful co-creator in their life. Many of our students have stepped up to be Mastery Systems Event Facilitators once they understood the underlying cause of their struggle, fear, repeating limitation, conflict, or contraction and with a simple steps shifted the pattern(s) into their strength and success.

Mastery Systems Core Curriculum Simplified

With any operating system, identifying the keys and codes and language of the OS is essential to making the OS functional.  Mastery Systems has some basic components.


I released want and need from my language and changed it to choose. I consciously employed the words I AM and felt the essence of my worthiness in the strength of my awareness in affirming my Self.   This shift has allowed me to invoke the laws of attraction and to live--- in being here now. 

-L.S. Radio Talk Show Host

Prior to Conscious Languaging, I would spend hours figuring out how to inform my potential clients that the project scope would need to be more realistic and how my proposal would meet their needs in a reduced form. I would write, and re-write, spending hours and hours trying to get my proposal right. Now that I practice Conscious Languaging, I envisioned my outcome  and I envisioned to scope and flow of our proposal, discussed our proposal with my colleague  and quickly and easily developed and wrote the proposal.  

-R.R.  Marketing Consultant

I realize I do make a difference and I can positively affect every situation I am in.  I can say “no” to any thoughts, words or influences, which are not my highest choice and say “yes” to what I do choose to think, say, hear and experience.   All I require is my faith, commitment and enthusiasm. 

-M.A. Massage Therapist, Investor