We may be using an operating system, of  “want, need, can’t, should, have to, kinda, maybe, hopefully, someday, I’m excited to someday get conscious maybe, I’m working on it, and I’m really trying - absolutely!”  I call this the language of self-sabotage.


When we realize every single word we speak, think and feel starts happening right now, and is taken literally by our subconscious mind,  many of us will choose to get conscious, quickly.


Our limiting belief systems can be recognized through our language. By upgrading to Conscious Creative Language, we can immediately begin to establish new successful patterns with ease and Grace. Our relationship with words and consciousness can be transformed in a positive, enriching and regenerative way. 


As we learn Conscious Languaging, please remember, increasing love for ourselves and others is the ultimate outcome.  The only real transformation happens when love and acceptance are present.  To judge ourselves and others about our/their language only inhibits the process of true success.


Please Remember…
Coach yourself.  Move from right/wrong and good/bad into Highest Choice.  Be fully and completely present.  Words spoken with feelings and specificity =’s manifestation.  Speak from your heart.  Explore the first words that come to you, they have truth in them.  Choice is always available.  Instead of moving away from something, move toward something.  Instead of stating what is not, state what is.  In your speaking: be first person, personal, here and now.  Have ownership.  Be honest, empowering, connected and unified.  Speak and think only that which you choose to have come into reality now and continuously.  “Cancel/clear”, and “In the past”, help clean the slate.  Always leave on the “screen” your Highest Choice. Be a committed listening to yourself and others.  Thoughts, words, and emotions create our reality.  “Decree a thing thus, and it shall be established unto you.”  “By your words you shall be justified and by your words you shall be condemned.”  “In the beginning was the word.  The word was with God and the word was God.”


Every word we speak is a prayer coming into reality.  Speaking is self-fulfilling prophecy.


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