Please join Robert Tennyson Stevens this Sunday, March 29th,  8:30 p.m. Eastern for a very important 2 hour Imagination Activation™/Outcome Facilitation™ Empowerment Evening.

Discover how to shift your reality, fold space and time, follow hidden Scriptural Laws, and imagine from your desired outcomes vividly and let the Universe bring into visible reality what you have and are choosing with Ease and Grace.

Of paramount importance right now is the Conscious Reshaping of Our World Health, Economy, Service and Harmony.
All Hearts Matter. Your Heart Matters. We can and will do this!

I suggest you bring your Creative Team to join us. Space is limited so register asap.
This will be recorded if you have other plans at this time. All who are registered will receive the recording.

Tuition is normally $88.00 for this Class.
For our current Global situation, we will have a Love Offering button as tuition.
What ever Your Heart says for the amount is great!

There is More!!

As a bonus (free), you will receive immediate online access to Bob's class "Knowing and Attaining Your Dreams Now" (Regularly: $33.00).

Explore what true imagination really is. Reach beyond your known reality…find entirely new possibilities for attaining and enjoying your desired state. Imagine from your wish fulfilled, beyond simply re-arranging aspects of your currently known reality, pour forth an entirely new awareness!

Knowing and Attaining
Robert Tennyson Stevens

ROBERT TENNYSON STEVENS, developer and CEO of Mastery Systems International Inc., is a pioneer in the influence of verbal language, body language, emotions and imagination on activating and enjoying our dreams—now.  In providing personal, team, and corporate facilitation and coaching for more than 45 years, Robert has developed step by step repeatable systems for attaining heartfelt outcomes with speed and accuracy.

Stevens’ journey in the role of language as our Human Operating System began in 1968 with his extensive study of Hopi Indian Language and how this one tribe of peace have a language supporting here and now reality. Something we can all benefit from.

Having demonstrated the influence of thought, word and feeling on manifestation with thousands of people, Stevens developed a unique curriculum of personal and professional empowerment technologies called Mastery Systems, much of which is based on Scripture (not religion) and Quantum Physics.