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Body Electronics – Brevard, NC

November 15 @ 9:00 am - November 17 @ 6:00 pm

Body Electronics

ALL FOR YOU™: Live Event!
with Robert Tennyson Stevens, Mastery Systems Founder

Hard to Find Retreat
388 Hard To Find Dr
Brevard, North Carolina 28712

$777 before October 10
Includes Lodging on space available basis

Body Electronics
3 Day Immersion With Robert Tennyson Stevens

​Dear Family of Light!

I AM sharing this most empowering Event with those who are playing 125% and committed to being masterful in your life. Participants attending our 3-day event will, by agreement, be nutritionally and Psychologically / spiritually prepared.

The Body Electronics Experience.

Body Electronics is a form of sustained acupressure developed by Dr. John Ray. I have had the good fortune to be sharing B.E. with
thousands of folks in 36 states since 1981.

How does Body Electronics work?

Our bodies are electrical. Each building block of our body carries an electrical current or charge. The charge or frequency of our body, including our organs, glands, teeth, skin, eyes, digestion, circulation, etc., is controlled by thought, word and emotions along with the frequency of the foods we eat, the air we breathe and the environment we live in. Thought patterns, both experiential (from our own life experiences) and genetic (from our mom and dad and their lineage) play a huge role in the state of our health and consciousness. Body Electronics is a
pro-found system of increasing our life frequency and resolving experiential and genetic limitations into their underlying strengths.

Profound changes can happen. How profound? I have seen broken bones mend in hours, eyes change color in minutes, hair color change to the original color, birth trauma be re-lived and healed, clinically dead people “wake up”, genetic traumas be transmuted into love and fully restored mental, emotional, physical and spiritual capacity. I have personally experienced: my own spine heal, remembering and reliving
the joy of my own birth exactly as it occurred (I immediately verified my experience with my parents), remembering why I have incarnated on Planet Earth, and a few thousand more experiences. I have and do experience my true connection with my Creator.

Moving upscale. One of the most spectacular things about B.E. is memory retrieval and life force quickening which occurs. Full understanding of our life situations and reliving each memory with love restores our creative and self-directed life in new and wonderful ways. Awakening to our words and feelings and lovingly and willingly endure them supports us in upgrading and transmuting old patterns to
what they were meant to be. As grads of Mastery, we know the power of love. The key is to remember what we are to touch with love with exacting specificity. If we go against the Law of Love, we suppress our lives and the memory goes from our conscious mind into our subconscious mind. The corresponding word patterns of; I Can’t, I don’t know, I never get so and so, I don’t feel, will move from the conscious awareness, when sup-pressed, into a program or pattern of self-sabotage which will be ever active, yet unconscious. Body Electronics is a beautiful way to bring light and love into our bodies, mind and feelings, restoring our Divine memories of who we
really are.

What is the Body Electronics Session like?

During class, each participant is introduced to the system of B.E., and a team of people works on one person. Your Body Electronics team, called point holders, holds specific reflex points on your body. Our eyes reveal where our hidden memories, suppressions, judgments and condemnations are “living” and stored within us. Grief will usually influence the adrenals and pancreas, anger the thyroid, fear the thymus and heart, and so on. The eyes give a blueprint of our path to our perfection. I call my system of Iridology (the study of the Iris), Bio-Optic
Holography. Each participant will have me look in their eyes prior to their B.E. Session to help find the acupressure points specific to their personal life right now. Then the person rests on a massage table, fully clothed, and I direct each point holder to the points I have seen in the person’s eyes. Once the team is “plugged in” to the points, we are off and running. Usually, after a little while, the points heat up and whatever is to happen, happens. Frequently the points get hot. Did I say Hot?!

How hot is hot? It has been said by thousands of grads, the heat is white-hot. If you are using your thumb, finger or elbow to hold a point, be prepared for a whole new experience. The heat is actually life force and goes where it is required for the individual as well as the person holding the point. It is very common for the point holder to heal right along with the person on the table. Tremendous love is
the most common outcome. Profound life force and what I call Divine memory accompany the experiences for me and those who I have had the joy to support with B.E. The session completes with the points cooling down and pulsing at 72 beats per minute.

Why the nutritional preparation?

Our food chain is very depleted of
minerals (from years of chemical fertilizers) and we eat cooked and
processed foods (which destroys enzymes, vitamins and other
nutrients). To make the building blocks available for our
regeneration, chelated colloidal minerals, food source enzymes and
other supplements are included in the pre-body electronics
preparation. Being prepared is vastly important to make the B.E.
experience as smooth and effective as possible. The required program
is outlined below. If you plan to cheat, you will cheat yourself and
the persons in the class. Each participant is required to be “ready”
to attend.

The Body Electronics experience is life-transforming. In your Mastery
class, aligned statements are very powerful. Body Electronics in
addition to Conscious Language and Conscious Choice is EXTREMELY
ways to embody LIGHT I Am aware of.

Follow your Heart. Is it time to awaken and embody your next level of
Divinity? If you have questions, challenges, interest, concerns, call
me. See you soon. I AM Thrilled. We have a great team coming together.
Robert Tennyson Stevens, Mastery Systems support@masterysystems.com
Endocrine Body Electronics. The purpose of the first B.E. session is

  • restore feeling throughout our body
  • engage our emotional body with love and acceptance
  • engage genetic/parental patterns with love and forgiveness
  • and to bring light into our body, fully.

Many graduates of my B.E. events over the years have said, “God came
in my body during my session.” I agree.

Our 3 Day Body Electronics Event will give each person an Endocrine
Session which is frequently one of the most powerful experiences a
person has ever had. Touching this much energy (heat) can be
life-transforming and upgrading. Please follow the links we provide
and study the videos we have in preparation for attending to educate
yourself and be fully prepared.

Body Electronics Distinctions

In every Event with Mastery Systems and myself, the purpose of coming
together is stated in the beginning of our experience. Body
Electronics carries a larger purpose than any Event from Mastery
Systems so far. Launching our Endeavour is best served by some initial
concepts shared Heart to Heart.

1. We are all the sole driver of our destiny. Anything we do together
which produces Permanent Victory of Light is done in full love,
forgiveness, harmony, and purity. To this outcome, let us devote

2. Any team action or session is for the sole purpose of realizing our
true nature (Divinity) which is within and around us at all times.

3. By calling the Hand of God into action, we have the opportunity to
witness miracles (Higher Laws) manifest at every step along our Path.

4. By the Hand of God, within us, we can assist each other across the
Threshold of limitation into living our Heaven on Earth.

5. Body Electronics is a system of Memory Retrieval. The Memory we are
retrieving in our 3 Day B.E. Immersion through the Endocrine
Electronics Session all participants receive and help their team mates
receive, is remembering our full expression of Divinity, I AM that I
AM, God, Light, …

6. Every situation we find ourselves in during our time together and
be-yond has within it the seed of our Perfection, our Full
Restoration, our Full Ascension into our Higher State, our Illumined
Self, our Higher Self, our Christ (anointed) Self.

7. Coming together for the purpose of restoring our full potential is
Divine. The format in our 3 Day B.E. in Serving together is, by
Design: Divine, Supreme, Pure, Immaculate and Cosmic.

8. On some wonderful level, we have created this chance to remember
and re-embody our full I AM Self in Unison. “I will return to you Pure
Speech, where, when, you call upon the name of the Lord (IAM), in
unison, and it shall be done unto you.” Zephaniah 3:9

9. Trusting and Decreeing the Hand of God is acting through each of us
is essential to our successful destiny.

10. Basic B.E. awakens our potential and helps us into our moment of
Now. This 3 Day B.E. in a beginning for some future 10 day Meta B.E.,
and will begin a huge leap in completing our circuits which we have
allowed to be limited, broken, suppressed, or wanting, allows us to
step through the Veil completely. (The Red Pill—The Matrix)

11. Being aware, seeing the end from the beginning, from the onset of
our invested energies together will help to insure our full return to
our Light Being Self, in our world which is so benefited by our Light.


November 15 @ 9:00 am
November 17 @ 6:00 pm
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Hard to Find Retreat
388 Hard To Find Dr
Brevard, NC 28712 United States
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