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Life Upgrade Coaching Certification™ – Brevard, NC

October 4, 2019 @ 9:00 am - October 6, 2019 @ 5:00 pm


Life Upgrade Coaching Certification: Live Event

with Robert Tennyson Stevens,
Mastery Systems Founder

Registration for All for You™ Helping Others Life Upgrade Coaching Certification LIVE also includes the All for You Box Set and Online Access ($3,333 Value):  

  • Living the Path of Conscious Language 
  • The Power of Imagination Activation
  • Outcome Mapping
  • The Foundation Digital and Online Course
  • The All For You Digital and Online course
  • All for You ~ Helping Others Digital and Online course

Hard to Find Retreat
388 Hard To Find Dr
Brevard, North Carolina 28712


Includes Food and Lodging
on space available basis

ALL FOR YOU™ Helping Others
Life Upgrade Coaching Certification

Life Upgrade Coaching Certification is an intellectual and spiritual tour de force with Mastery Systems founder Robert Tennyson Stevens. It is a transformative personal journey that results in self-certification functioning at a high level of Consciousness.This course of study prepares individuals to engage in sharing a range of coaching, consulting and other forms of sacred service and community building.

The course brings together all the fundamentals of Mastery Systems in one holistic experience.

This rigorous curriculum will help you and those you mentor, inspire and coach to realize their personal manifest destiny – the Divine person, in truth, they already are - and to magnetize others into their expanding circle of commitment to global Consciousness. Life Upgrade Coaching Certification requires courage, faith, and trust to hear and speak from your Heart.

Individuals who pass through the open door of this course into new octaves of capacity are personally transformed. Based on the premise: "All coaching is self-coaching," the course offers certification upon completion; however, the deep value of the work is the internal changes-self empowering  individuals and thereby self-certifying their sovereignty.

This course engages the total person --- mind, body and spirit --- in an experience rooted in spheres of work that range from scriptural reflection, evolutionary psychology and holographic bodywork to the pure speech of Conscious Language, mental modeling and quantum physics.

The Human Operating System
 is Due for an Upgrade: Healing Begins with Feeling

Life Upgrade Coaching Certification is based on concepts developed by Robert Tennyson Stevens to upgrade the system you have been using too long based on limitation, separation, lack, struggle and want.  In 40 years of work with thousands of people, Robert has witnessed thousands of miracles using this upgrade.

This system goes back to Robert’s days studying the Hopi Indians (Hopi means Peace) and writing an independent study of the Hopi language. What he discovered has changed the lives of thousands. The Hopi taught him, our language is the key to changing our reality. This is done with dynamic system upgrades to our Human Operating System preparing us to experience “Thriving” in the world. In this system, our illusions of limitations are transformed into powerful Decrees that evoke Divine power; the illusion of separation is replaced by Decrees instilling true unity; illusions of lack and struggle are replaced with Adorations establishing the primacy of living in Grace and ease.

In this course, Robert invites you to your Heart's True Choice. He teaches you to call forth the deep feelings encoded in your words, thoughts and feelings. Universal Feelings such as deep and abiding Love, once liberated, have the force to change your world. Robert beckons forth the best in you, calling out: “Put your hand on your heart and just say, ‘I Am here’.”

A Trinitarian System
Life Upgrade Coaching Certification is comprised of three parts:

  1. The Foundation: Waking Up To Who You Truly AM
  2. All For You: Illuminate the Steps to Your Own Life Mission
  3. Helping Others: Life Upgrade Coaching Certification

1. The Foundation: Waking Up To Who You Truly AM

Step 1 is The Foundation, which builds the necessary base for your new Conscious Human   Operating System.  Add these practices to your life and see results immediately.
This segment consists of 8 audio sessions in 3 modules. It comes complete with transcripts and action exercises. When you register for the All for You - Helping Others - Life Upgrade Coaching Certification, you get instant access to The Foundation on-line to study before class.

2. All For You: Illuminate the Steps to Your Own Life Mission

Step 2 is All for You. Building on The Foundation, This segment provides tools that will illuminate the knowledge of where you've been off your path and help you discover the steps needed to get back on the path of your own life mission. Consider this the warm-up. It contains all the exercises you need to make your coaching training successful. It enables you to “Walk Your Talk.”

As a coach, you will begin to see how your own Consciousness, your thoughts, your       automatic behaviors and your way of being is the cornerstone of your life experience. As you begin to fine-tune and clean up your own life and vibration, your family, your community and       your world experience the ripples of your changing vibration, too.

3. Helping Others: Life Upgrade Coaching Certification

The third step in this system is your Life Coaching Certification, called Helping Others. Online training prepares you for this next phase. When we come together for 9 days in our welcoming        community in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, you will acquire a profound skill- set to assist others as a life coach.

All for You – Helping Others – Life Upgrade Coaching Certification is an opportunity for you ...

To help yourself and others turn:

  • Fear into Faith
  • Anger into Authorship
  • Grief into Joy
  • Pain into Enthusiasm
  • Unconsciousness into Remembering

To turn your limitations into light by engaging your patterns of limitation and finding the true seeds of light within them.

To change your weakness into strength --- to prove to yourself that “Your Greatest Weakness is Your Greatest Strength.”

To commit to yourself ---to harness the power of making, keeping and recommitting to your own High Agreements.

To learn “The Five Actions for Engaging Current Consciousness: to LOVE, TOUCH, BREATHE, STAY & FEEL” in facilitation and learn how to make what seems to be catastrophic, inconsequential.

To be at Cause not Effect --- To change your center of awareness from being At Effect to being At Cause.

To integrate Language, Thoughts & Feelings as codes you can begin to notice, and to shift and change successfully at any time.

To awaken real transformation by understanding the difference between a short-term resolution and a complete life transformation, creating real change in your life that lasts.

A Message from Mastery Systems Founder Robert Tennyson Stevens

It's Simple ... The World is Changing Fast and You Are Essential...
Right now, the opportunity is huge. As a unified humanity, we have the ability to be so much more than we currently express. Over the years, I have found it absolutely essential we wake up to the power of ‘who we truly AM.’ The most profound phrase in our language is: I AM. This awakening requires these key steps.

Choice Power: 
Even when you think you don’t have a choice, you can still choose to choose. Having and claiming your heart’s top priority is what makes you the individualized stream of light you are. All you have to do is voice your choice and thrive.

Conscious Creative Language Power
: At this point in time and history your words and your feelings carry more meaning than you may know. It’s time to direct your communication with confidence, to speak only what you choose to have come into manifestation now and now and now. The energy signals encoded in each and every word create the reality in which you live. Words of limitation and separation create limitation and separation. Words of abundance and unity create abundance and unity.

Imagination Power
: It’s been said that Imagination is more important than knowledge. Have you given yourself permission to have and realize your dreams yet? Now is the time.
 As Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

Remember Who ‘You Truly AM’: 
Whether you call the ultimate Authority God, Source or the Universe, you know as well as I do something bigger than humans is running the show. This course will bring more of your true self forward. You are essential to waking up our planet.


October 4, 2019 @ 9:00 am
October 6, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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Hard to Find Retreat
388 Hard To Find Dr
Brevard, NC 28712 United States
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