Our relationships are reflections of our true selves.

As we awaken to our new choices, relationships come to the forefront. The consciously creative person awakens to the choice to be secure and stable within themselves.


4 Part Zoom Series

Living Your Co-Empowered Life

Session Dates:
Oct 14, 2020
Oct 18, 2020
Oct 21, 2020
Oct 25, 2020


First Come, First Served

This series will systematically walk you through the common pitfalls of your old patterns in to your upgraded, co-empowered relationships.

These classes will be an interactive experience.
We are limiting registration to allow for a more personal experience.

Mastery Systems

Definition of Co-Dependence: Any time our happiness and contentment is dependent upon another person, place, condition or thing. Even if we do receive the appearance of approval of another person, because it is externally sourced, fulfillment is still absent.

Co-Dependence is the result of believing our source, our happiness, our partnership is some existent something outside of us—outside of our Consciousness—and is controlled by some external force.

Indications Co-Dependence is present, feeling
(in any degree):

  • hopeless
  • abandoned
  • ashamed to be alive
  • inadequate
  • anger disproportionate to the apparent cause
  • the need to control
  • reactive
  • stuck
  • numb
  • depressed
  • unclean
  • worthless
  • helpless/need to be taken care of
  • fearful for no apparent reason
  • resigned
  • vindictive addictive behaviors
  • struggle
  • problems with intimacy
  • suffering
  • sacrifice
  • manipulation
  • domination/control
  • lack of motivation
  • inconsistency
  • abuse
  • helplessness
  • judgment
  • blaming
  • being untrustworthy or unaccountable
  • self-sabotage
Words Have Power

This series is part of a larger Zoom Curriculum.

Other topics include:

  • Prospering In All Ways (4 Sessions)
    Investment: $444
  • Imagination Activation™/ Outcome Facilitation™/
    Outcome Mapping™ Immersion (4 Sessions)
    Investment: $444
  • Health and Wealth Reversals and Upgrades (4 Sessions)
    Investment: $444

Register for all 4 Series to Save! This includes all 4 full series - 16 total sessions. Space is limited. First come, first served.

Investment For All 4 Series: $1222 (Save $554)


"As I remember with grace and ease to live from my highest choice, what's new and different for me is I love and accept myself as I am for who I am and I do the same for others. I enjoy seeing everyone's uniqueness and I enjoy supporting them in their unique brilliance.

Now my business thrives and clients are drawn to me because they see how much fun I have as I experience miracle after miracle.

I feel full, complete and satisfied, each night when I sleep because I basked in the fullness of all the day offered; I saw the multitude of opportunities that were and are always available and I chose the ones I liked the most."


In this class I see clearly how often I would look outside myself for confirmation and if not received my little self would jump right in to talk me out of my New Self.  NOW, I stand in my God authority, sovereign within myself.  I feel fully the meaning of my decrees. Every cell of my body vibrates in harmony.  I received the miracle of healing for my left knee and I partner with myself. I glide with ease and grace.

I realize grace is with me and I accept and give thanks for my blessings. I learned I am a miracle maker and I birth miracles with my enthusiasm and with everyone I meet.    I AM that I AM.  I learned  Grace sweeps me forward as I walk with my faith and confidence in my own new life serving love and raising others in me.  I am the ONE.