Imagination Activation™ Level 1
Robert Tennyson Stevens

Includes downloadable handout “The Power of Imagination Activation”

Sunday, November 11th
8:30 PM Eastern (About 1.5 Hours)

Investment $33
Or 10 tickets for $222 (bring your Team)

Consciously Directed Imagination, from our Highest Choices, even if we do not yet know what our Highest Choices are, moves Heaven and Earth into a new coalesced reality. Right now, at our moment in our Planet’s Transformation, Conscious Imagineers are essential to guide the Shift of the Ages into All Life Winning.

Please join me this Sunday with your Brilliantly Genius Co-Creativity fully on board.

All Life Wins as we Imagine it more vividly than all we have known and experienced before. We all must win personally AND collectively.

Register early to receive your handout and be ready to write, and imagine. Colored Pens activate creativity. The more colors, the greater the vividness, the quicker the manifestation.

Calling All Imagineers!


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