Mastery Systems In-House Coaches

We offer two powerful ways you can work with one of our masterful in-house coaches in Life Upgrade Coaching or Sacred Body Language Translation facilitation. Make your choice below and then choose from one of our fabulous coaches who will facilitate your upgrade at the speed of light. To get to know our coaches, please click here to see their bios. 

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What is Sacred Body Language Translations™?

The signals of our body are a direct communication from our other-than-conscious self. Way beyond mundane systems used to judge people’s honesty, SBLT reveals the rest of what your Great Self is saying, asking for, disagreeing with, directing toward, & so on. A static state like something hurting, when translated & understood, will usually begin to shift & change into some Blessing you were not giving yourself. Your coach can help you translate your signals for your new cosmic choice.

Life Upgrade Coaching

What is Life Upgrade Coaching™?

We partner with you in demonstrating your own Heart has your solution. As an IT expert can find the cause of the glitch in your computer, a Mastery Systems proficient Facilitator can reveal your encoded limitation operating on an other-than-conscious level & guide you to shift your thoughts, words, & feelings into your highest choices. Our Life Upgrade Coaching tools empower, encourage, & enlighten our Clients to remember their own Divine connection, wisdom & victorious choices to thrive.

Coaching Session Packages

 - Investment: $177.00
This is good for one (1) 25 minute session with your choice of Mastery Systems in-house coach for Sacred Body Language Facilitation or Life Upgrade Coaching.


 - Investment: $333.00
This is good for one (1) 50 minute session or two (2) 25 minute sessions with your choice of Mastery Systems in-house coach for Sacred Body Language Facilitation or Life Upgrade Coaching.


Investment: $555.00
This is good for four (4) 25 minute sessions with your choice of Mastery Systems In-House Coach for Sacred Body Language Facilitation or Life Upgrade Coaching.

This is good for eight (8) 25 minute sessions with your choice of Mastery Systems in-house coach for Sacred Body Language Facilitation or Life Upgrade Coaching.

Meet the Team

Please click on the coach's name to view their bio and a short video introduction.

Beth Budziszewski

Beth Budziszewski is a Life Upgrade Coach with Mastery Systems and lives in Northern MN near her 4 adult children and grandchildren. Her skills developed through Mastery System are available helping you to remember your highest choice.  Beth is also a Strengths Strategy coach with People Acuity.  Combining knowledge of your God given strengths with Conscious Language creates upgrades for you, your family and your work environment.  Beth is enthusiastic, enjoys having real conversations unique to your personal goals.

Wherever your journey has taken you, now is where your heart is and now is the time to hear and speak your hearts highest choice.  Conscious Language, Sacred Body Language Translations are a few of Mastery Systems we utilize when coaching.  Classes are also offered to upgrade your heart with our thriving community.

Connect with me to empower you and your family in achieving your highest choice. 

Heather Connor

Hello, my name is Heather Connor. I live in rural East Rochester, the heart of our country, in Northeast Ohio. I am a wife and mother of three children. I have always been very creative and I enjoy teaching visual art. When I was younger I desired to know the deeper truth of being. I believed if I can seek I can find, so I researched and read every book I found on the subject. I was given insight and learned to recognize truth and although many of my questions were answered, I felt alone in my seeking and so very different from my world. I put aside my quest and dedicated my life to my family.

A few years ago, in April 2018, I was called from my slumber and was led to Mastery Systems. My call was a yearning for more. I knew I had more to fulfill my potential. Through Mastery System classes and using their tools, I have empowered and remembered myself and even my purpose. Now I realize feeling alone was all my own creation. I have learned how to be conscious and realize my heart’s desires. I have learned to hear my spirit and allow my spirit to speak through me. I am now fulfilling my mission as I help fellow travelers on their paths to deeper self-remembering.

Heather Harbaugh 

Since discovering and becoming trained in Conscious Language and Mastery Systems, Heather has experienced an acceleration of miracles and upgrades in her own personal life. She loves igniting miraculous upgrades in others and co-empowering them to remember pure speech, awaken their own heart connection with their Creator and to continuously move upscale at the speed of light in their personal lives, relationships, and careers.

Known for her gentle manner and passion for creating space for people to experience God's presence in deeper ways, Heather brings her expertise in creating spiritual awareness and emotional wholeness to all her coaching sessions, workshops, and courses. She is an experienced and gifted teacher and practitioner with an easy manner and peaceful presence.

She resides in Texas with her husband Lee. They have six amazing children who are awake and sovereign in their world. Along with being a Mastery Systems Life Upgrade Coach, Heather is an Aroma Freedom coach and trainer, SOZO practitioner, author, teacher, speaker, and the founder of Untethered Life.

Cynthia Lengefeld

Choice was a word in my vocabulary for many years, especially when raising our six children.  Early on, I chose to help my children understand life is about choices. Now that our children are adults, I offer my grandchildren the same gift of choice.  I first heard about Bob Stevens in 2013 by way of a CD set.  I heard, and I waited years to listen.  I attended one of Bob’s live events with my husband in July 2018, where my heart really listened for the first time to the idea that I, too, had a choice.  Since then, and after experiencing huge miracles in my family and attending many more trainings, my heart said, “YES”, to joining this amazing community as a coach/facilitator.  

Over the years, my path has been one full of questions and has led me down roads less traveled by culture: a large family, stay-at-home-mom, homeschooling, essential oils, etc. Discovering the importance of and choosing to upgrade my thought, word and emotional patterns is my natural next step. I see Scripture in a brand new Light.  I use affirmations and decrees to enhance my essential oils.  I imagine and dream.  I am conscious with my words.  I love teaching, and I thrive!  

I am a Texas gal, with a heart full of Love, Grace and Joy.  You, too, have a choice. I am honored to walk a sacred path alongside you.  Is it time?

Christy Panichelli

Hi! My name is Christy Panichelli. I am from Southern New Jersey, near Philadelphia. I am happily married and we have one young son. My journey of spiritual awakening began in 2012, when my husband’s business closed. At that time, I was called back to my faith and since then, I have been following my heart’s call into conscious awareness. In 2014, my son and I were experiencing some health challenges.

I pursued ways to transform our symptoms with herbs and other natural remedies. During this time, I also chose to achieve my Masters in nutrition. I am grateful I found Bob’s work at Mastery Systems in January 2019. I now integrate my faith, nutrition, and conscious language to accelerate thriving for individuals and families. I am passionate about learning and consider myself to be a consummate student. We are each responsible for our own outcomes and I value the opportunity of being of service for you.

Krystin Wahl

Krystin Wahl is a voice and performance coach of 17 years. Her passion is helping individuals activate one of their greatest assets, voice.   

Conscious language has upgraded Krystin's skill set tremendously.  She loves implementing conscious language into her own life, seeing miracles unfold for her and her family on a regular basis.  
Krystin enjoys opportunities traveling the world creating awareness about ‘Power of Voice’ as a keynote speaker.  She is also a singer/songwriter and BodyTalk energy practitioner whose greatest joy is living life with her husband and 4 beautiful children. 

Staci Westerlund

I AM Staci (anastasis in Greek) meaning “stand up again/resurrection” which exemplifies my life, my heart motivation and my service in my coaching. I am gloriously empowered as my God (I am the Resurrection and Life) in me resurrects thought, word and emotional patterns to people’s highest choices and they experience miracles in their bodies, situations and realities when I coach people.  

I love and enjoy experiencing scripture depths manifesting my anointed Christ I AM self through me using my scripture. My greatest honor is igniting people’s own anointed Christ I AM self in them as them in their highest choices, their life’s heart purpose and their mission.  

I have invested over 15 years of my life in dream interpretation and inner healing acquiring many tools from various front-line streams, modalities and schools which drew me to Mastery Systems. Along with having my Pastor’s Ministerial education, I enjoy training and upgrading myself as I train and upgrade others in my coaching sessions.  

I am open to all areas of coaching and I have experience working with brain, stomach and abuse issues, trauma, panic, special needs kids, co-dependence to co-empowerment, Young Living essential oils and products and spirit, soul and body integration and nutrition.

I am happy to connect and resurrect with you as your heart leads.