The outcome of our MSU-IHCT is to train Coaches and Facilitators in our various Human Upgrade Systems and offer to those who apply and pass the MSU-IHCT Certification a place in our organization’s offerings to Humanity. Individuals may also choose to use the training for their personal and or professional use independently of Mastery Systems University as long as they honor our copyrights and Trade Marks.

We are poised to release in early 2021 our new Book The Word Becomes Flesh. This book will potentially create greatly increased demand for Mastery Systems Coaches and Facilitators. 

In addition, I Am including the New Kahuna ALL LIVE ONLINE Sacred Body Language Translations Facilitator Level-1, Bio-Optic Holography Facilitator Level-1, and Life Upgrade Coaching Level-1, Certifications preparations for all those enrolled in MSU-IHCT. Certifications will be completed individually following each training when the student is ready. An application fee for each Certification will be $333 for the first test and if requires retesting will be $111 for additional tests. Robert or an advanced Instructor will conduct the test. 

There will be a Certification for all three Schools (SBLT, BOH, LUC). There are 4 levels that will be rolled out.

Levels 1, Level 2, Master Level and Instructor Level. 

Level 1 is where everyone starts and can be used in the individual’s promotion for services offered. Example: Sacred Body Language Facilitator, Certified Level 1 Certified.

Level 2 is for those who choose to advance their skills and effectiveness in coaching their clients. Example: Sacred Body Language Facilitator, Certified Level 2 Certified.

Master Level is for group leading and class facilitating. Sacred Body Language Facilitation, Master  Level Certified.

Instructor Level is for those who apply and are accepted and complete certification as In-House Instructors for the various schools in Mastery Systems University.

Note: Due to the fact Mastery Systems has many students who have completed various courses, all former students, upon completion of the New Kahuna SBLT, BOH, LUC ALL LIVE ONLINE starting January 6, 2021 can test as soon as they are ready for all levels in sequence.

The new format of ALL LIVE ONLINE allows much greater opportunities to share our full Curriculum:

This year, for those enrolled in MSU-IHCT be able to study and master the following (examples):

  • All For You™ Facilitator Training
  • Sacred Body Language Facilitation™
  • Bio-Optic Holography™
  • Life Upgrade Coaching™
  • Transforming Co-Dependence Into Co-Empowerment™
  • High Agreements™
  • Voice Your Choice™ Game
  • Conscious Prosperity™
  • The Scale of Emotional Harmonics™
  • Human Upgrade Guidance System™ (Nutrition and Consciousness)
  • My Divine Partner Now™

And Support your community in:

The WORD Becomes Flesh
 Reversing Health and Wealth Challenges Into Thriving
Conscious Language
The Faith Builders:
Young Living Seed To Seal Premium Essential Oils
Mastery Systems Human Upgrade Guidance System
Robert Tennyson Stevens
Marcella Vonn Harting, PhD
©2020 Mastery Systems International Inc. (All Rights Reserved)

Table of Contents

  • Dedication
  • Table of Contents
  • Forward
  • Preface
    • Personal Note from the Author
    • The Spiritual Role of Symptoms and Repeating Life Limitations
    • Scriptures as Laws applied in this book:
    • Only Love Transcends the Duality of Feeling Right or Wrong
  • Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1  Introduction
    • Rules of the Laws of Reversal and Revision:
    • There really is no disease, only:
    • A symptom is not the cause, only the reflection of a cause. 
    • Working on the symptom without changing the cause will not shift the state
    • Modalities and health practices that are effective, incorporate to varying degrees, some way to shift the cause of the challenge.
    • Anything less than our highest choice contains self-sabotage.
    • As Shakespeare reminds us, “Things are neither good nor bad, thinking makes it so.”
    • When you heal, heal into your new state.
    • When you upgrade, upgrade into your new choice with exacting specificity.
    • When you choose abundance, add the specificity of:
    • Scripture is about states of Consciousness.
    • The Word becomes flesh
    • Let the weak man say, I AM Strong” 
    • Life and Death is in the power of the tongue.
    • Every word we speak and think and feel is our Prayer
    • To have a Prayer or Decree of Reversal work requires we feel the meaning in each word deeply enough.
    • Only when we mean what we say
    • Thriving (parasympathetic brain) requires our full, committed, enthusiastic participation in our life.
    • As we think in our Heart, so are we. 
  • Chapter 2  
    • Sacred Body Language Translations
    • Sacred Body Language Translations offers a way to name the language-thought-feeling cause of what is going on in our life. Scripture says when we have the name of a thing we have power over the thing.   
  • Chapter 3
    • Preparing Yourself for Your Shift Into Greater Health and Wealth
    • Old Patterns of Limitation and Symptoms are simply the Universe saying it is time for Change.
    • Smooth Transformation Walking Upscale
    • The keys to success for your smooth transformations.
  • Chapter 4 
    •  How to Use This Book in Five Transformational Steps
    • 1st. Identify the facts of the pattern (no opinion).
    • 2nd. Translate the facts into words from this book that you can relate to and feel 
    • 3rd. Get Specific with your experience. 
    • 4th. Upgrade by finding the exact phrase or decree or affirmation that gives you resolution, relief, freedom, deep breath, and ease. 
    • 5th. Take forward action with your chosen health modality, Imagination Activation and Faith Builders (Lifestyle and Nutritional Upgrades). 
  • Chapter 5
    •  Techniques for Effective Decrees and Reversals Into Your Highest Choice.
  • Chapter 6
    •  The Role of Commitment in Your Success
    • Rules of The Game of Health and Wealth Reversals and Upgrades.
    • The Nature of Commitment
    • Definitions
    • Quote from W.N.Murray
    • Commitment and Highest Choice Quality Check List
    • Does Your Committed Reversal and Upgrade:
    • 22 Qualities of Committed Reversals and Upgrades.
  • Chapter 7
    • Anatomy Translations and Upgrades (Alphabetical)
  • Chapter 8
    • Body Signals (Alphabetical)
  • Chapter 9
  • The Role of Essential Oils in Amplifying Revisions, Reversals and Upgrades.
  • Marion Jager, 1976   
  • Chapter 10
    • Why I Use Young Living Seed To Seal Premium Essential Oils
  • Chapter 11
    • Young Living Seed To Seal Premium Essential Oils™, Single Oils
  • Chapter 12
    • Young Living Seed To Seal Premium Essential Oils™, Oil Blends
  • Chapter 13
    • Young Living Seed To Seal Premium Essential Oils™, Supplements
  • Chapter 14
    • Mastery Systems Nutritionals
    • Mastery Systems’ Human Upgrade Guidance Systems (HUGS)
  • Chapter 15
  • The Role of Imagination and Outcome Facilitation™ in Embodying Your Upgrades  
  • Quote from Neville Goddard
  • Imagination Activation Facilitation Questions for Health and Wealth
  • Chapter 16
    • Health is Wealth and Wealth is Health.
    • Motivated by Benefit vs Pain
    • Health and Wealth are States of Consciousness.
    • Examples of Wealth Word Patterns, their upgrades and health relationships.
  • Chapter 17
    • Understanding the Path of Reversal
  • Chapter 18
  • The Role of Emotions and the Scale of Emotional Harmonics™
  • Chapter 19
  • The Role of Nutrition In Health and Wealth.
  • Chapter 20
    • Basic Examples of Sacred Body Language Translations™ Facilitation Questions (Simplified for Coaches and Facilitators)
  • Assimilation, Digestion, and Elimination Access Questions.
  • Organs and Glands Access Questions.
  • Additional Organs, Areas and Systems of the Body Reversals
  • Chapter 21
    • Expanded Translation and Understanding of Our Digestion/Assimilation/Elimination Systems
  • Chapter 22
    • The Role of Receiving Coaching for Sacred Body Language Translation™ Support
  • Chapter 23
  • Testimonial Stories of Sacred Body Language Translation™ Upgrades
  • Chapter 24
    • Charts and Resources



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