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This is our core reality shifter developed by Robert Tennyson Stevens.

Words we use shape our thoughts and experiences just as a computer operating system instructs a computer. The feelings and emotions our words carry form our human operating system, which determines our reality. Just as one change in a line of software code changes an entire program, our alteration of even one word can change our entire experience of a specific situation. Yet many of us have spoken unconsciously (in the past), thereby creating situations in our lives that were not our highest choices.

By learning Conscious Language™, you will experience exactly how self-sabotaging words and phrases have been operating in your life and in your world and be given clear guidance on how to make immediate transformative upgrades and produce immediate positive results.

Conscious Language™ shows you how:

  • Words we speak are self-fulfilling prophecies.
  • Words spoken with feeling and specificity = manifestation.
  • Your subconscious mind translates your language literally and does exactly what you tell it to do.
  • You can identify and upgrade your “internal dialogue” and transform it into your success — at home, work and play, very quickly.
  • You can awaken your internal guidance system, listen to your heart and let it be your guide.
  • You can use language to positively upgrade your self-esteem, health, finances, family life and any other area of your life where you use language to produce results.
  • Being fully and completely present in your speaking (internal voice and externally speaking) is essential to success
  • Your “First Words” — the first words that come to you — are important keys to upgrading your life.
  • Being first person, personal in your communication is a key to creation.
  • You become your own optimal self-programmer, easily removing and upgrading “bugs” into success in your own operating system.
  • You become your own conscious partner in health and prosperity.
  • You can coach yourself into your victory — again and again and again.

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