Dear White Fire Being of Light!

Each of us is Essential in empowering Humanity to remember we are Divine Beings.

Conscious Language™ is essential to our Remembering.

I AM asking those directed by Your Heart to do all you can in sharing your experience of the Language of Your Heart (Conscious Language/Pure Speech).

I, and my company, Mastery Systems, will do all we can to support you.

Please join our Maestro Call (to Action) this Tuesday, 8:30PM Eastern to explore ways of being the One to awaken your Tribe through:

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Conscious Language™

  • Conscious Language™, The LOGOS of NOW Book Study Groups
  • Living the Path of Conscious Language™ DVD watching Evening
  • Conscious Language™ Power Points
  • Conscious Language™ Introductory Evenings
  • Living The Path of Conscious Language™ 1 Day
  • Language of Mastery™ 1-2 Day

Imagination Activation™

  • The Power of Imagination Activation™ DVD watching

Outcome Mapping™

  • Outcome Mapping™ DVD watching

Sacred Body Language Translations™ (SBLT)

  • SBLT DVD watching
  • SBLT Power Points
  • SBLT Introductory Evenings
  • SBLT Demonstrations

Bio-Optic Holography™ (BOH)

  • BOH Introduction and Demonstration Evenings
  • BOH Power Points
  • BOH Eye Photo Sessions with your BOH camera or Traveling Mastery Systems Event Facilitator with BOH Camera

Core Technologies (50 DVD’s as The perfect kit to build your Conscious Community!)

  • Living the Path of Conscious Language™ 3 DVDs
  • The Power of Imagination Activation™ 3 DVDs
  • Outcome Mapping™ DVD
  • Sacred Body Language Translations™ 12 DVDs – Includes 12 DVDs + Sacred Body Language Translations Workbook PDF on CD (13 Disks total)
  • Conscious Prosperity™ 2 DVDs
  • My Divine Partner Now™ 2 DVDs
  • Bio-Optic Holography™ 11 DVDs – Includes 11 DVDs + PDF file on CD for printing charts and additional support materials (12 Disks total)
  • Conscious Life Series:
    · Speech The Revealer 2 DVDs
    · The Mirror of Relationships 2 DVDs
    · Sacred Body Language – Our Full Communication Revealed 2 DVDs
    · Moving Upscale & Our Feelings 2 DVDs
    · Resolving Co-dependence into Co-empowerment 2 DVDs
    · The Freedom of Being Fully & Completely Present DVD
    · The Law of Enthusiasm, Playing 125% & the Frequency of Miracles 2 DVDs
    · The Roll, Power & Requirement of Decrees 3 DVDS

If you can Imagine being, or already are the one serving your community and choose to add Conscious Language and The Tools of Mastery Systems to your Tool Box, or know someone in your community who is, please mark this Call on your calendar and join us. A follow up Go To Meeting Webinar will be scheduled for those interested visually experiencing What you can offer to your Tribe. Special pricing will be given those committed to sharing in their Communities, and Countries.


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