Sacred Body Language Translations and
Introduction to the New All For You
Immersion Dec.6-9
with Robert Tennyson Stevens

Thursday, November 15, 2018
8:30 PM Eastern
Investment: Free

Mastery Systems is committed to Leaders having effective and masterful awareness and skills in shifting what does not work in life into thriving with ease. Thursday’s call with Bob has our first two curriculum steps in our School, discussed and demonstrated for those attending.

If you have passion and love for helping yourself and others, this is the call for you to explore with us what our full potential as humans is and how our Language and Body Language are revealing hidden access points we can engage and shift into our successful lives.

Due to the intimate nature of this experiential call, all attending (it will be recorded for those in other time zones across the globe) are asked to participate fully and Vote Victory for those interacting with Bob.

Please be registered by 4 PM, Eastern, Nov 15th.

Click here to register now. 

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