We ignite healing everywherewe go.

Spencer is traveling to assist our folks with garden mastery forhealth, vitality and food sovereignty NOW. He is taking our 24 megapixal camera for beautiful eye photos and a personal Bio Optic Holography session with Robert Tennyson Stevens – at tour pricing! Gather aminimum of 5 people and Spencer will drive to YOUR town within 60miles of tour route, gather 10 people for a 100 mile trip OR come tohim in North Port Alabama, Atlanta, or western North Carolina.Spencer has respectful awareness of social distance requirements andhygiene at all times.

Regular investment for these sessions is $999.
Right now, it is only $555! (Save $444)

This includes immaculate high resolution photos for you, live one-hour Zoom session (scheduled and completed after tour), recording to keep and review, as well as a follow-up HUGS session to support your complete upgrade with health, nutrition and more. IMAGINE what we can learn and transform during this amazing time of change and growth,courage returning, health NOW, and our nation healed.

To set up your appointment, register your people, or schedule a gardenmastery session with Spencer contact events@masterysystems.com. Vote victory for a fullyrestored Earth / Heart Now, healthy sovereign bodies, immune systems,and divine radiance present everywhere.

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