Language shapes thought into matter IF feeling vivifies and activates the words into manifestation.

In other words, to have what we say turn into existent matter it must matter to us more than anything in opposition to our manifestation.
To have your new choice exist in here and now requires you express in exact definition and accuracy exactly the fact of what it is you choose as already being here, now.

Decree a thing and it shall be established unto you. Decree a THING, a fact, an exact manifestation as established already here.

Sounds simple. Yes to the engineer. Yes to the architect. They design the plans so exactly the blueprint is easy to bring about.

We must be Conscious Architects of what we accept and acknowledge and allow into our world by speaking, thinking, contemplating, and actualizing through our feelings to enjoy the success of our full potential as Co-Creative Beings of Light.

Essential to Co-Creative Manifestation is our feeling. Feeling can be Conscious as well as subconscious. In other words, we may not have a clue what is stored and ever active in our subconsciousness which may be diametrically opposed to our success.
By your words you shall be justified and by your words you shall be condemned.

Language and success or the lack there of are completely linked.

Awakening Our Masterful Selves is a 40 year project for me and what every great spiritual path is about.

We are all GREAT BEINGS OF LIGHT. Our name is I AM. Awakening to I AM requires we rename ourselves. I AM THAT I AM.

Next is to move forward in our All New Self as I AM THAT I AM and allow in our Consciousness only that which honors our I AM.

We have been away from our True Self and created a potential mountain or error creations we are responsible for REVERSING, REVISING, REPLACING, RESTORING, all creation into Divine Creation through LOVE.