Did you know...

You have a direct conscious link to your Divine Self. 

Sacred Body Language Translations™
with Robert Tennyson Stevens

Awaken the conscious link between your head and your heart. With Sacred Body Language Translations™, you can learn your deepest 'other-than-conscious' desires and live your highest choices.

Our system of Sacred Body Language Translations™ goes way beyond the mundane conversation of body language prevalent in the personal and professional development space. Understanding the deeper and sacred conversation we are having with each other gives you the tools to become a stellar leader.

Free Sacred Body Language Translations™ Demonstration
with Robert Tennyson Stevens
December 9, 2020
8:30 p.m. Eastern
A recording will be sent to everyone who registers. 

Inner Guidance = Your Subconscious or 'Other-Than-Conscious' Self

When we say “Inner Guidance,” we are referring to what you have previously called your “subconscious.” It is your “other-than-conscious” self. We choose to upgrade the term subconscious to Inner Guidance.

Sacred Body Language Translations™ (SBLT) is a system of communication within each person. What is being communicated within and usually on the 'other-than-conscious' level is a guidance system for the person's survival.

Awakening to these subtle signals, consciously responding and inner acting to these communications is an incredibly beneficial partnership between head and heart.

When an individual has developed a health challenge, many requests and signals for change from their inner guidance self have gone unnoticed and unanswered. The same thing goes for relationships, finances, career and every other aspect of our lives. Signals from our Inner Guide are sent to Bless our Path and all too frequently go unnoticed.

"As a young woman, I was brutalized in a most horrific way. Facing that wound was terrifying.
I learned that I was using fear as a false shield. As long as I was afraid, then I wouldn't be surprised when fear showed up. No one could hurt me because I was living in hurt daily. So I convinced myself that was normal.
Robert Tennyson Stevens has a beautiful, powerful and no holds barred way of bringing God right to the heart of your deepest wound and allowing the I AM to heal you. If you are ready to live, I mean to truly live, then this is the journey for you."

Watch these free Sacred Body Language Translations™ Demonstrations for a glimpse at the miracles that happen quickly with SBLT.

More than ever, humanity needs to listen to their Inner Guide yet the amount of outer world chatter is screaming "listen to me, buy this, do that, vote for me, this is good or bad" etc. Awakening our Inner Listener to our Inner Guide is beyond important, it is quintessential. Our survival requires it and maybe more importantly, our THRIVING operates on our awake Inner Communion.

What is beautiful is the simplicity, elegance, and sacredness of the way our Inner Guide talks to us, loves us, clears away old patterns, accesses new strengths through easy to read and understand movements, gestures, breathing, postures, and voice tones - once we awaken to these communications.

It is awe-inspiring how much we are loved, supported, and cared for by our Inner Guide. Being able to listen, see, and hear the Guidance already and continually provided is the Holy Grail of success in life.

The whole of humanity deserves the communication upgrade of Sacred Body Language Translations™.

Right now, as you read this, your Inner Guide may be giving you direction and support. Notice your breathing, body shifts, hand movements, finger contact, facial fluctuations. They are all giving you guidance. May you listen and respond with Grace and ease!

More Testimonials

"I had no idea how deep in illusion I was until Bob pointed it out.  The recording helped revisit this and anchor in truth.
Since then I have watched several people around me shift and move, upgrading effortlessly.  The other thing was the cultural habit of saying “yeah” I didn’t not hear it, and thought I had said yes.
Bob asked me a question; if I had stopped running.  I was disconnected from my feeling world and that took 2 days until I connected with the sensation.  I woke at 4am and sat.  Then I began aware of 2 little legs running hard out within me.  It was amazing!  I touch, I stay and coached myself through this wonderful moment including I Am upgrades.  I know at the end of our time together I used a grown up word “Epic” and over the next couple of days, after my time with Bob, I grew into “epic” as many things unfolded.  I highly value the image Bob gave of 200 feet blazing Christ, with hands of blazing light, 1 on my chest, 1 on my forehead.  And that the Illusion was Done!!!
That shift has been phenomenal.  Bob coached me in all of “them” was me pushed out which re-evaluated the service I do. 

My illusion is over.  I am Love. "


"As I remember with grace and ease to live from my highest choice, what's new and different for me is I love and accept myself as I am for who I am and I do the same for others. I enjoy seeing everyone's uniqueness and I enjoy supporting them in their unique brilliance.

Now my business thrives and clients are drawn to me because they see how much fun I have as I experience miracle after miracle.

I feel full, complete and satisfied, each night when I sleep because I basked in the fullness of all the day offered; I saw the multitude of opportunities that were and are always available and I chose the ones I liked the most."

"As co-creators of our own reality, our thoughts and spoken words are the greatest influence in the outcomes we experience. Conscious language has effectively given me the power to establish the framework of my perception of self, my work, my purpose and my success… of which I am experiencing in great abundance and with renewed gratitude."

"I recognized the out there world, that I desired to bring my professional gifts and talents, was merely a point of separation, a want in terms of a place to be and to reach. As conscious language has become my operating system, I have recognized out there is nowhere.  I AM here now. This shift has allowed me to invoke the laws of attraction and to live--- in being here now. "

"In this class I see clearly how often I would look outside myself for confirmation and if not received my little self would jump right in to talk me out of my New Self.  NOW, I stand in my God authority, sovereign within myself.  I feel fully the meaning of my decrees. Every cell of my body vibrates in harmony.  I received the miracle of healing for my left knee and I partner with myself. I glide with ease and grace.

I realize grace is with me and I accept and give thanks for my blessings. I learned I am a miracle maker and I birth miracles with my enthusiasm and with everyone I meet.    I AM that I AM.  I learned  Grace sweeps me forward as I walk with my faith and confidence in my own new life serving love and raising others in me.  I am the ONE."