Life Upgrade Coaching

100 Minutes - $1110 (save $888)
200 Minutes - $1776 (save $2222)

These sessions are with Robert and will be scheduled on a first register, first serve basis. After purchasing a session, my team will send you instructions on how to pick a time and get on the call.

During your session, Bob will use various signals that he calls the Codes of Consciousness. These Codes find what is hidden immediately and miracles happen quickly.

Code Definition:

Any accepted system of rules and regulations pertaining to a given subject.

An entire world is revealed in these Codes as to where a person is, what is really happening, and what is asking to be acknowledged and shifted into a new state. Some of these Codes of Consciousness are:

  • Conscious Language™ Code
  • The Domains of Language™ (The Gates of Consciousness)
  • Self Facilitation Code
  • Sacred Body Language™ Code
  • Imagination Activation™ Code
  • Outcome Facilitation™ Code
  • Breathing Code
  • Revision Code
  • Bio-Optic Holography™ Code
  • Environmental External/Internal Code
  • Spinal Code
  • Playing 125% Code
  • Technology of Agreement™ Code
  • Enthusiasm Code
  • Co-Empowerment
  • Healthy Boundary Code
  • See Perfection Code
  • Emotional Octaves™ Code
  • Healing Reversal Code

I suggest you Pray, Decree, Imagine and Claim Truth and only Truth comes forward. I also suggest you Decree Your Creator is in charge of the entire Session and all involved including me. I will be doing the same.

If you find your Heart’s Call to gain skill and experience and even Master these techniques of Remembering and Re-Embodying our I AM that I AM, let us know. September we have 4 very powerful steps scheduled. Click here for more information on these events.

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