Sunday, November 18
Transforming Co-Dependence Into Co-Empowerment (Co-Co)
And High Agreements
Level 1
Investment: $33 or $22 (each for 10 or more)
8:30PM Eastern
with Robert Tennyson Stevens

Co-Dependence is described as existing anytime something outside of us (persons, places, conditions, and things) controls or influences our happiness or contentment. In my experience of awakening to Conscious Language, Co-Dependence is a spiritual test to awaken to our sovereignty and connect directly with our Source while we are here on Earth.

Co-Co, and High Agreements is a systematic upgrade path to harmonious relationships,
Co-Empowered Families and Businesses, and Sovereign, Strong Individuals, Families, and Nations.

Due to the nature of this upgrade system, I highly suggest you invite your loved ones and team members to explore with you what Co-Empowered Life can be and how identifying and living your High Agreements will build and sustain your inner security.

A support handout of the class will be delivered for download following registration (it will be recorded for those in other time zones across the globe) so we will be closing registration at 4PM, Eastern, Nov 18th to insure your handout download is delivered in a timely fashion.

To begin your study, an online version is available to purchase from our site at this link.

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