Transform your life through Conscious Living!

Life Illuminated -the Art of Conscious Living
Sunday, June 17 

Join our collective of "tuned in and tapped in" speakers as they guide you in ways to be your own partner in health and wellness, and how to thrive in EVERY area of your life...just by choosing to be conscious and taking loving action.

You'll be invested in a full day of immersion with:

-Dr CAROLYN MEIN, Chiropractor, speaker, expert and author of "Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils" (aka "the Blue Book")

-ROBERT TENNYSON STEVENS is a pioneer in the influence of language, imagination, body language, and is a master facilitator of those that choose to transform their lives into healthy, creative, loving and fulfilling experiences

-DR BENJAMIN PERKUS is a Clinical Psychologist, author and the creator of Aroma Freedom Technique

-RYAN WATSON, director and founder of Watson Psychological Health Center, speaker, and author of "The Miracle of Essential Oils"

-Dr PIA MARTIN, Chiropractor and integrative medicine practitioner, and author of "Building Healthy Humans: Your Guide to a Balanced and Beautiful Pregnancy for a Happy Healthy Baby"

-ALANNAH SHELTON, Founder of Life Illuminated, Silver leader, Inner Game coach, and Conscious Language advocate

-ADAM JEPPSON, Mastery Systems Facilitator and West Coast Team Leader, BioOptic Holography Coach

Topics will include: Conscious Nutrition and Exercise; Emotional, Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual health and well-being; Epigenetics; Conscious Language and upgrading your life; Sacred Body Language Translations....and more!

Lunch will be on your own, with plenty of options close by.

Experience the power of ​SACRED BODY LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONS™​ with Robert Tennyson Stevens of Mastery Systems
Monday, June 18

What is your Body Telling You?
And, What is your body saying to others about you?

Sacred Body Language Translation™ is the result of 40+ years of exploration and testing by Robert Tennyson Stevens. Robert has discovered our bodies are sending messages to us to get our attention. These signals can be translated to reveal our Divine communication from Spirit.

Imagine knowing exactly what your inner world is asking you for each and every moment.
Imagine “hearing” what others are saying to themselves and to you as you are with them.
Imagine understanding where your self-sabotage patterns are and easily upgrading them in self-success by translating your own signals into an actual language you can understand.
Everyone I have ever met uses this universal language. Every health signal is a call to change something and can be translated and understood. Each Sacred Body Language Translation™ Event, from an Evening Introduction to a Facilitator Level Certification Course, delivers usable and greatly expanding skills for self-understanding and clear communication with others.

Join us for a day of learning the basics on how Sacred Body Language Translation™ can support you in your thriving life.

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