Victory Goals Achievement for 2020

Do you choose to know your way ahead in 2020?
Have you identified as a passenger in life in your past?
Are you ready to take your reins and claim your higher choices in life?

Successful people all over our world achieve their goals because they visualize, understand and feel what it’s like to experience the goals as already complete. Early next year, you are invited to attend our exclusive webinar, Victory Goals Achievement, by renowned speaker, author and coach Robert Tennyson Stevens.

Victory Goals Achievement for 2020

Sunday, January 12, 2020
3:30 p.m. Eastern

$77 pre-registration
$99 after January 10

Registration for this class also includes:

  • Recording of last year's Victory Goals Achievement Class ($99 Value)
  • Outcome Mapping Online Class ($55 Value)
  • Colored Outcome Mapping .PDF File

Upon registration, a recording from the previous year’s online course and Outcome Mapping will be sent to you and everyone who is registered to listen to and get you revved up to be in the Consciousness of Your Victorious 2020.

Join like-minded imagineers, as Bob explains how to turn your desires and goals into your road map for your success. Having clear, defined goals helps you identify worthwhile opportunities, tap into your infinite nature of possibilities and create your desired outcomes in life. During the webinar, Bob will explain 17 Laws of Successful Manifestation and empower you to create your own Coefficient of Thriving. Next, you’ll learn 18 qualities of Coefficient Thriving. Together, your invaluable, remembered skills will enable you build your own personal map of your year ahead… a year of Victory.

Registering is easy, but spaces are limited, so act today. Book today and you’ll also get free access to Bob’s groundbreaking online course, High Agreements.

Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon will be sharing about how she has applied the amazing tools in her biz, relationships, health and practice . Her insight and testimonies inspires great support and understanding of the grace and ease in powerfull tools.

Dr. Sharnael, originally from Montana, is a Naturopathic Doctor and Minister who teaches on Divine Heath and the Human Body. She is a Crown Diamond in Young Living and is passionate about reconciling all people to an integrative life: mind, body, and soul. By teaching in over 36 countries and having over 15,000 clients in over 44 countries, plus her influence on social media, she does just that!

Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon

Host (or Hostess) Your Own
2020 Community Upgrade

January 12, Sunday at 3:30 p.m. Eastern we are giving a Zoom 2020 Victory Goals Achievement Event. One of the actions we encourage is to create a Treasure Map (Dream Board) to support your 2020 success with visuals of your attained goals already accomplished, and doing this with friends and family is awesome!

Each person attending is to be registered for our VGA 2020 Zoom Event. All are requested to bring poster board, glue sticks, scissors, and bring lots and lots of old magazines to shop for photos and phrases to glue on your poster board supporting your 2020 success attained.

With a TV screen connected to a computer for easier viewing and listening, all in attendance will be share in the empowerment Course with Robert and then following the Event, begin to cut out photos and words to glue on the 2020 Victory Goals Achieved Treasure Map.

Registration for groups of 10+ is $55 each.
In order to activate the discount, change the Quantity on the order form to 10+ and click Update.
Register Your Group Now.

Here is some of what the Zoom Session will contain:
Strategies Specific Upgrades for 2020

  1. Let this year be your year of Miracles. Miracles are Higher Laws Lived.
  2. Be Conscious of greater and greater levels of Thriving, even before they are manifested.
  3. Let only Love touch your world by tuning in to only Love. Love is what makes us magnetic to good. Only Love!
  4. Help others. Service is the result of having enough. Do not wait until you have enough to Serve. Serving will bring you More Than Enough.
  5. Forgive for no reason. Forgive just to forgive, free from anyone or anything deserving it. Forgiveness is above deserving and has already been bestowed to us all.
  6. Personally thrive in everything you touch. How? Touch everything with Love and only agree to that which Blesses You and All Life.
  7. Become the Life Stream you are. Invest everything you give as a direct Tithe to your Creator.
  8. Let your Creator furnish your Life with opulence and abundance and plenty and wealth and health by being of Service to these states of Consciousness. Bless everyone you contact with more than you have dreamed of for yourself. (We keep 60% of what we send out and what we send out returns to us 10 fold or more.)
  9. Do everything differently this year. Money, Family, Career, Vocation, Avocation, Ministry, Administration, Thoughts, and especially Language.
  10. Wealth is Health. Health is Wealth. Love is more valuable than being right.
  11. Find your own vibration. Do what lights you up personally. Make sure at the end of each day you are more enthusiastic than when you started your day.
  12. Your success can only be measured by you. Do not compare your Heart’s Happiness with any other person.
  13. Let yourself Thrive. Give yourself permission (as per your Mission) to shine, Your Own Way.
  14. Design a Visual Dream Board Not of Your Goals! A goal is yet to manifest. Design Your Dream Board Visuals as a Celebration of what you attained in 2020. What you have experienced in 2020. What you are thankful for in 2020. This turns Goals into Manifested Outcomes.
  15. Gather those with you who you choose to Thrive with.
  16. Vote each other’s Victory as you Study and Map Your Most Miraculous Year so far.
  17. See the end from the beginning.