Victory Goals Achievement for 2020

Host (or Hostess) Your Own

2020 Community Upgrade


January 12, Sunday at 3:30 p.m. Eastern we are giving a Zoom 2020 Victory Goals Achievement Event. One of the actions we encourage is to create a Treasure Map (Dream Board) to support your 2020 success with visuals of your attained goals already accomplished, and doing this with friends and family is awesome!

Each person attending is to be registered for our VGA 2020 Zoom Event. All are requested to bring poster board, glue sticks, scissors, and bring lots and lots of old magazines to shop for photos and phrases to glue on your poster board supporting your 2020 success attained.

With a TV screen connected to a computer for easier viewing and listening, all in attendance will be share in the empowerment Course with Robert and then following the Event, begin to cut out photos and words to glue on the 2020 Victory Goals Achieved Treasure Map.

Registration for groups of 10+ is $55 each.
In order to activate the discount, change the Quantity on the order form to 10+ and click Update.
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