Below is the recording from our recent "Voice Your Choice™ Orientation And Instructions" Conference Call with Robert Tennyson Stevens.

More on Voice Your Choice™ – A Conscious Language™ Group Empowerment Game

VoiceYourChoiceBeing Heart Aligned in Thought, Word and Feeling is the formula for successful upgrades in every area of your life, health, wealth, and relationships.

Now you can practice and deepen your manifestation skills with your family and friends with our all new: Voice Your ChoiceConscious Language™ Empowerment Game!

  • Having shared Conscious Language for over 50 years I have come to recognize language awareness and language manifestation are very different. Essential to shifting our reality is way beyond just saying something “Right!” Imperative for success is feeling the meaning in each word as we say it for instantaneous manifestation. Conscious Language™ is the language of Conscious Creation and is based on words from our Heart instead of from our knowledge of right and wrong.
  • Voice Your Choice™ is a game designed to shift from automatic right/wrong reactions into letting our Heart speak out loud. Much of the coaching challenges with our friends and family about language can stimulate the feeling of being made wrong for saying something perceived to “not be conscious.”
  • The Voice Your Choice™ empowers the players to explore language as a game free from the internal editor of right and wrong. This is a huge awakening and powerful experience to let ourselves speak from our Heart first and hearing what our Heart has to share.
  • Instead of verbal coaching, a series of cards is used for mostly silent visual coaching from the audience empowering the individual to understand the language they are speaking and guiding the speaker to allow themselves to speak first person, conscious, creative, outcome producing in the ever present now. Each colored card signals qualities of each word spoken.
    o A Green Card signals Conscious, Creative, Strong words are being spoken.
    o A Yellow Card signals Caution, weakening words are being spoken.
    o A Red Card signals Stopping, Blocking words are being Spoken.
    o Violet Card indicates a need to transform or transmute or change direction.
    o Gray Card signals vague words are being spoken.
    o Orange Card indicates deep feeling is happening.
  • Success of the Game occurs when both Green and Orange Cards are being shown to the speaker. This indicates the Player is being powerfully Conscious and Life Giving with deep feeling in their expression.

Included in the game to demonstrate how this all works and comes together is approximately 3 hours of video of live examples of a recent class. The examples are real, transformative, informative, and very powerful.

Included in Voice Your Choice™:

  1. 8 -12”X18” laminated posters with the 6 card color descriptions for speaker and players to have in front of them for clarity, as well as all instructions for easy reference.
  2. 10 sets of the 6 different cards for 10 players
  3. Approximately 3 hours of Video instruction to be viewed by players prior to playing Voice Your Choice.

We have Voice Your Choice™ on special for $258
(a savings of $100 from regular pricing).

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