Please join us for 3 consecutive Evenings, Tuesday, August 28, Wednesday, August 29, and Thursday, August 30 at 8:30PM Eastern to make your new commitment to your upgraded thriving life.

Investment: $99 covers all three nights
(Included are two bonuses
The Awakening Abundance and Prosperity (Previously recorded – Duration: 6 hours, 45 mins)
and FREE entry into our referral partner program for those who have networks.
Combined value of $150.)

Each Evening Tele-Event is a step by step systematic upgrade to clearing away old patterns and consciousness of our worth, value, beliefs, memories, lineage patterns about money and wealth of all forms, and a complete upgrade (outside our current box) shift into our Divine Value, our Divine Service, and awakening our Magnetic Self to all good.

Investing time and focus with specific new choices and fulfilling ideas “Written Down” will be our consistent theme, while using the techniques of Outcome Imagination™ and Imagination Activation™ to embody our all new Thriving Life. Daily exercises will be offered to use during the day before the next call. What is required for each participant’s success is an all new commitment to your next Quantum level of success. This is a great Event Series to do together for those of you who have partners, organizations, peers, and family that can be benefited with massive upgrades to self-value and success. Playing 125%, moment to moment starts NOW!

These will all be recorded and sent as mp3’s via email as soon as they are prepared the following morning to listen to again (and a way for those not be able to attend all 3 nights in a row to experience for the first time).

The Awakening Abundance and Prosperity series is being given as well to keep each participant in their Wealth and Value Upgrade Consciousness.

Every person I Am in contact is in a metamorphosis right now. Consciously guiding our shifts to our Highest Choices requires our full participation, commitment, and enthusiasm. Ask your Heart! Your Heart is the Oracle of Your Creator and your True Value.

Again, Please Join Us and bring your Loved Ones!


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